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    Career Mobility

    Sutter Physician Services constantly strives to be a great place to work by offering career mobility through our Inter-Affiliate Employment program (IAE). The IAE is designed to make it more attractive for valued employees who are contemplating a job change to first consider a career move within our network. Among its many advantages, our IAE Program takes these important issues into account:

    • Your previously earned length-of-service credits
    • Continuous benefits eligibility
    • Portability of benefits
    • Past performance

    The overall plan offers standardized practices and process, as well as a system-wide strengthening of our inter-affiliate communication.

    Here’s how it works:

    • For the transition to take place, both the former and new employers must participate in Sutter Health’s IAE Program.
    • You voluntarily leave the employment of one Sutter Health affiliate and accept employment with another Sutter Health entity.
    • To be eligible, you must have successfully completed six months of employment at your Sutter affiliate.
    • Complete the online application for any posted position, indicating that you are a current Sutter Health affiliate employee, and Human Resources will provide the follow through.


    The IAE program is not a "transfer" of employment, since each affiliate has separate and distinct terms and conditions of employment, and all policies of the new employer apply.
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